Gigi is a 17yr old Senior in the throes of college prep and transitioning into young adulthood. Recently, after being moved to purchase her first canister of pepper spray, she then came home and asked her Mom to purchase her a taser. The motivation to start Consent Cabal is born out of her and her Mother’s collaborative realization that they and other Girls and Women, live in a very Real, Unsafe world. History has shown us, and continues to show us, our lives, and well-being, are NOT valued.

Gigi and her Mother desire to affect change by blogging, providing information/resources about Consent/Domestic Abuse/Self-Esteem Work and partnering w/ like-minded individuals and businesses, to raise funds, to provide protection items like pepper spray and tasers to Girls and Women, so that they have effective ways to physically protect themselves against those that don’t respect our NO.

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