Body Autonomy – Consent

Today we’re feeling Grateful for Body Autonomy..Far too many of us didn’t have Body Autonomy growing up…an ability to make our own decisions about what happened to our hair, our skin, our bodies, what clothes we wore..this affected our self-worth and esteem, encouraged us to give our power away as was on days like today, famous for family gatherings, we were forced to give kisses and hugs, even if we didn’t want to..we were forced to go against our intuition…until one day we looked up and realized we didn’t even recognize our intuition..know what it sounded like, know what it looked like…we all deserve Complete Body Autonomy from one should have a right to our person without our Express permission..and we should know we have a right to revoke that permission at Any forced hugs, no forced kisses, no forced tickling, hair autonomy, clothing autonomy, etc…We Matter…You can see various resources about Consent here: Https://

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