This picture was taken earlier this year. It was taken in an attempt to remind the young man who is in the pic, people are watching. Back story: Gigi and her Mom(Evon) were sitting in their car, in a mall parking garage. All of a sudden they heard a scream. Seconds later they saw a young woman(J) and man come into view. The young man kept attempting to grab J’s arm and she kept jumping back. Evon, exited the car, approached the two, and started asking J to confirm if she was Ok or did she want the young man to leave her alone. He attempted to gaslight her by telling Evon that she shouldn’t listen to J and that she had “mental issues”. Gigi’s Mom told him the J’s wishes deserve to be respected regardless of the state of her mind. J did confirm she wasn’t Ok, wanted him to leave her alone and suggested he retrieve his things from her car. Evon asked her if she wanted her to accompany her to the car while he retrieved his things and she said she did. Once they reached J’s car, J retrieved his bag and gave it to Evon. As Evon went to give the bag to the young man, he went around the car to the passenger side, opened the door, got in and closed the door. At this point J was standing in the driver side door. Evon could see the resolve starting to leave J as she begged the young man to just leave. At first he said he wanted to make sure he wasn’t leaving anything behind and made a show of going through her glove compartment. Eventually he started threatening J that it was going to be “bad” for her if she called the police and that he wasn’t going anywhere. He kept reiterating that since he’d come to the mall with her, she would take him home vs him taking a Lyft, Uber or have someone come get him. At this point, in true coward fashion, he refused to look Evon in her eye or address her at all. As Evon is a Domestic Abuse Survivor herself, she was able to recognize this abuse wasn’t in it’s beginning stages and the young man was clear about what kinds of things to say to attempt control over J. She then asked J if she would like her to go get security. J said yes. Evon suspected J would wind up leaving with the young man once she walked away so before going to get security, she made a show of asking J her name, taking a pic of J’s license plate and a pic of the young man(albeit unclear, but he didn’t know how clear it would be). Upon returning w/ security, as she’d feared, J was no longer parked there.

If you find yourself in an abusive situation like J, please contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline here: https://www.thehotline.org/ You don’t have to live like this and deserve to live your life free of abuse. You matter.

You can also see various Resources here: https://consentcabal.wordpress.com/resources/

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